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SeamSafe standing seam roof anchor

SeamSAFE is a lightweight, metal roof anchor that can be installed in one minute or less. It is a portable, removable anchor that provides the fall-arrest protection required for anyone working on a standing-seam metal roof. Download Brochure

The anchor consists of two aluminum blocks specifically designed and cut to clamp on a single standing seam of a metal roof. The aluminum blocks are connected by three bolts that have washers, nuts, and locking nuts on them. The anchor functions by separating the blocks, fitting them over the standing seam, and then tightening the bolts with a ¾-inch, box-end wrench.

The SeamSAFE anchor is only 12 inches long, 3 - 4 inches tall, and 2 - 2.5 inches wide. It weighs only 6.75 - 8 lbs and can be carried hands-free by using the included clip to attach it to the roofer's belt.

It is manufactured with the strongest materials: 6061-T aircraft aluminum blocks, ½-inch, grade-8 shank bolts, and a ¼-inch, solid, stainless-steel attachment ring.

Once a SeamSAFE anchor is properly attached to a metal roof seam and tethered to the roofer's belt, the anchor will break any fall and keep the roofer safely on the roof. The product is capable of supporting up to 10,500 lbs with required deflection limits and meets/exceeds OSHA: 29 CFR-1926 Subpart M and ANSI: Z359-2007 standards.

The SeamSAFE anchor has been independently tested in a lab and field-tested by roofers. In each situation, the product met or exceeded expectations. Click the video on the right to learn more about our lab testing and watch the test.

SeamSAFE:  Portable safety, designed by roofers, for roofers.

Roofers are prone to falling for obvious reasons. They are working at heights, often on pitched surfaces. The conditions often cause the surfaces to be slippery. And, they are carrying heavy equipment and tools.

Standing seam metal roofs present their own challenges. The smooth surfaces don't provide much traction. And there is no convenient way to mount a restraint system without damaging the material.

After more than 20 years installing standing seam metal roofing, the idea occurred to us that the seams could actually be utilized to anchor a tethering device. We set out to design a system that would be easy for any roofer install without damaging the roofing material.

The result is the SeamSAFE roof anchor, a lightweight tethering system that can be easily repositioned as the roofer works. SeamSAFE makes your workers more productive and virtually eliminates the possibility of a fatal accident. Download Brochure