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Model 5 - SeamSAFE Roof Anchor

Price: $279.00 each with FREE Shipping


The Model 5 SeamSAFE roof anchor is designed to accommodate standing seam metal roofs with a seam height of  up to 1.25 inches or greater and a maximum seam width of .85 inches. The anchor is 12 inches in length.

Made in the USA, SeamSAFE anchor blocks are machined from solid 6061-T aircraft aluminum. They are held together by half-inch, grade-8 shank bolts. The quarter-inch, solid, stainless-steel “D” ring can be secured to any tethering device and harness on the market.

The Model 5 SeamSAFE roof anchor functions by loosening the nuts, separating the blocks, and fitting them over a single standing seam. It is quickly installed with a 3/4-inch, box-end wrench and easily repositioned as the roofer works. Click here for SeamSAFE Installation Instructions. The anchor can be transported to a roof hands-free by being clipped to the roofer’s belt using a clip provided with the anchor.  

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If you have questions, contact SeamSAFE Founder Doug Mullins at 855-263-1521 or email us here.  

If you are a distributor or reseller of building or safety products and are interested in adding SeamSAFE to your product line, visit our reseller information page.

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