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Announcing New Accessories that Expand the Versatility of SeamSAFE Roof Anchors

November 15th, 2018

NEWS ALERT... SeamSAFE, a leader in fall protection for standing seam roofers, introduces three more attachments that extend the utility and versatility of the company’s best-of-class safety anchors. The new accessories include SeamSAFE’s ladder attachment, toe board attachment and retractable lanyard disk.

According to SeamSAFE inventor and owner Doug Mullins, “We developed our new accessories in response to feedback from roofers who are seeking better and more efficient solutions to the challenges of working on a standing seam roof.”

SeamSAFE’s new products are engineered to pair with SeamSAFE anchors and provide the following benefits.

  • SeamSAFE Ladder Attachments are used with SeamSAFE anchors to enable roofers to easily affix a ladder to a standing seam roof for access to different roof areas and upper levels. The ladder attachments can also be used on mansard roofs or to permanently mount a ladder to a standing seam vertical surface.
  • SeamSAFE Toe board Attachments fit with SeamSAFE anchors to quickly and securely mount a toe board for roofing projects. Using the toe board accessories makes it easier for roofers to finish off a standing seam roof and install a ridge cap.
  • SeamSAFE Retractable Laynard Disks fit over SeamSAFE anchors to help protect standing seam roofs from damage caused by dragging or dropping retractable lanyards during roofing projects. The disks serve as a shield to minimize the potential for roof scrapes and surface indentations. 

The ladder and toe board attachments serve double duty since they can be used for fall-arrest protection at the same time they are being used to secure a ladder or toe board. These attachments are designed with an extra hole that allows roofers to tie off during projects. This eliminates the need to purchase an additional anchor to guard against falls.

The new products add to SeamSAFE’s existing line of anchor accessories, which include SeamSAFE Roof Brackets and SeamSAFE Adapters. The company’s brackets are used by roofers for mounting a temporary rooftop walkboard or staging area for gear and materials. The adapters provide a means to temporarily or permanently install a wide range of equipment to rooftops.

“With the addition of our three new accessories, SeamSAFE anchors are now more functional than ever in serving the needs of anyone working on a standing seam roof,” Mullins said.

SeamSAFE accessories work with all SeamSAFE anchor models. The company’s anchors are sized to accommodate nearly every standing seam metal roof. SeamSAFE anchors represent the gold standard in fall protection with more than double the weight-bearing strength of other anchors and twice the holding surface. In addition, an anchor can be installed on a standing seam roof in under 60 seconds.

About SeamSAFE

SeamSAFE is a family-owned business located in Troutville, Virginia. Since introducing the first standing seam anchor more than a decade ago, SeamSAFE has continued to lead in safety, features and performance for fall-arrest protection for standing seam roofers. Made in the USA, SeamSAFE anchors and accessories are sold to roofing companies, contractors and corporations across the country and worldwide. For more information, send an email or call 855-263-1521.