The Ultimate Standing-Seam Roof Anchor and Fall Protection

SeamSafe is a light-weight, metal roof anchor that can be installed in seconds. It is a portable, removable anchor that provides the fall-arrest protection required for anyone working on a standing-seam, metal roof. The SeamSafe Anchor consists of two 6061-T aluminum blocks engineered and machined to clamp onto a single standing seam of a metal roof. The blocks are connected by three 1/2-inch, grade-8 shank bolts, included with a flat washer, locking washer, and nuts. The anchor functions by separating the blocks, fitting them over the standing seam, and then tightening the bolts with a ¾-inch, box-end wrench.

SeamSafe anchors are only 12 inches long, and range from 3-4 inches tall, and 2-2 1/2 inches wide and weigh from 6.75-8 lbs. They can be carried hands-free by using the included clip to attach the anchor to the roofer's belt.

Superior engineering makes the SeamSafe Roof Anchor the safest standing-seam anchor.

  • The SeamSafe roof anchor is available. Why trust a life to anything less?
  • Seamsafe is stronger compared to other roof anchors.
  • Twice the locking surface of other roofing anchors.
  • Low profile geometry reduces slip potential.
  • Lighter and more portable (6.75-8 lbs).
  • Single wrench installation.
  • SeamSafe Roof Bracket
  • SeamSafe Roof Image
  • Seamsafe rotator slide
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Seamsafe Roof Anchors made in America, ANSI and OSHA certified